by Marie-Thérèse Verbruggen

Chasing the Bib is the offspring of Provide & Supply, a full-service bespoke Yacht and Home Provisioning company, dedicated to maintaining our founder’s philosophy in promoting sustainability since 2014. We have successfully pioneered a new and progressive era of provisioning by focusing on Haute Cuisine, modern & classic gastronomy, as well as constantly pursuing ethical and environmentally friendly farming and harvesting practices.

With outposts in Miami, Barcelona and Amsterdam we proudly service The Americas, The Caribbean, The Mediterranean and Asia.

Throughout our years in the industry, we discovered that restaurants and private chefs rely on two very important things: resourcefulness and the highest possible quality ingredients. While we at Provide & Supply have been providing quality since our inception, we knew that in order to keep our company honest and ahead of the curve, we needed to expand on our vision and form a community beyond our clientele. A community that we admire, contribute to and continue to learn from. A community of the best in the field. Through this undertaking, our chef’s blog “Chasing the Bib” was born.

Bibendum, also known as ‘The Michelin Man’ or simply ‘Bib’, is the symbol of greatness in the history of gastronomy.

Each month we interview critically acclaimed chefs about their roads to success, their failures along the way, their feats and their undeniable passion for the craft. Chasing the Bib was created as a resource for fellow chefs, guests and even crew to share, read and learn more about where their food comes from. It illuminates what inspires others to create or indulge in high end food experiences –  a luxury no longer just found in Haute Cuisine restaurants but currently in full demand aboard yachts and private homes as well. Chasing the Bib is a platform for chefs to open up and inspire their fellow chefs, educate our clients and keep ourselves striving for nothing but the absolute best.

Our alliances with these decorated chefs and their restaurants also give us the exclusive advantage of being able to provide our yachting clients with the highest, Michelin quality products from shared vendors worldwide.
On top of that, from our collaborations with chefs featured, we now also have the extreme privilege of bringing world-renowned restaurants exclusively to our client’s yachts under our new ‘Famed Chefs Onboard’ program: Popina Mari.
Exceptional gastronomy created by our celebrated chefs especially for our clients. For one night only. 

We’re very proud and beyond excited to invite you into this community and hope you enjoy, learn, laugh, contribute and Chase the Bib with us!

Fond regards,
Greg & MT